About these transcriptions

This page contains some of my favourite drum grooves and fills. I can't promise that everything is transcribed perfectly but hopefully you'll find one or two things you like.

#41 Introduction - Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band)

The version transcribed here is from Carter's Under the Table and Drumming DVD. It's a PDF because it's long.

Transcription, MuseScore rendition and original recording.

Beneath New Zealand closing credits sequence - unknown drummer

During a month's free trial of Amazon Prime, my wife and I took advantage of some Amazon Prime Video offerings. One was a three-part documentary series called "Beneath New Zealand." The first episode (I think!) ended with this amazing groove that includes some nice ghosting and beat displacement.

O Love (Carry Me) - Ross Garrod (Co-Mission)

The verse groove includes a nice 32-note flourish.

Umbrella - GarageBand "Vintage Funk Kit 03" (Rihanna)

Yes, that famous Umbrella groove started life as a stock pattern in GarageBand. It's hard to be sure from the finished track whether the hi-hat maintains a steady beat or is a little more broken up as I've written it.

MuseScore rendition and original recording.

Brian Flint has a couple of nice fills in his drum cover on YouTube. It's hard to see exactly what is going on but here's my attempt. The first is at 0:29.

MuseScore rendition.

The second is at 0:53.